Organic Healthy Sweets Option for Raksha Bandhan
Organic Healthy Sweets Option for RAKSHA BANDHAN

Organic Sweets for Rakhi Festival

Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhi is a special festival in India that celebrates the loving bond between brothers and sisters. Unlike every festival on this day too gatherings at home take place and families celebrate the day with sweets and delicious foods.

Festive foods are a treat to the taste buds and the delicious sweets are what makes the feast joyous. While the festival mood is not the mood to say no to tasty foods but eating a lot of it upsets the stomach. The tasty sweets contain a lot of sugar which is not good for our health.

But what if you could still celebrate the day by preparing a mouth-watering dessert at your home for your guests that not just is healthy but is also low in calories and improves your immunity. If you want to know some of them too then 

Here are some healthy sweets option we suggest you for Raksha Bandhan

1. Kaju Peda (Cashew Peda)

Kaju peda is a healthier option in sweets. Firstly we will use organic dry fruits. Organic Dry fruits are handpicked and rich in minerals, proteins, fiber and vitamins and secondly it will be prepared using Jaggery, which is a healthier alternative to Sugar.

This Kaju peda can be prepared by adding our Cashew Nuts and jaggery powder mixture in a sweetened syrup of jaggery. After getting the pedas done you can end garnishing the pedas with some saffron and raisins.

You can also prepare desserts from other healthier options like amaranth flour, ragi flour, multigrain atta or oats.

2. Chocolate Oats Cookies

Oat is a light meal food and is far nutritious. It also helps in weight control and is heart healthy. For festivals you can add chocolate to our organic oat flakes and prepare healthy cookies at home.

For preparation of cookies you can use Peanut butter, and instead of sugar use jaggery powder or brown sugar.

These oatmeal cookies will be a fun addition to the menu. For better taste and look you can garnish them with chocolate chips and chopped dry fruits.

3. Quinoa Kheer

Kheer, also called payasam, is a pudding prepared with either rice or vermicilli. Quinoa is a light. Quinoa is a whole grain food that is low in fat and rich in nutrients, fiber, protein and plant compounds.

Prepare Quinoa kheer with gluten free Organic Quinoa and healthy organic Basmati rice. This tasty and healthy duo will be a twist to the usual sweets that guests will relish.

Some Bonus suggestions-

  1. Use Organic healthy spices in your dishes to boost metabolism.
  2. Use Jaggery in your sweets. A healthy substitute for sugar.
  3. Skip Maida as much as you can.

 Hope we were able to help you come up with some healthy sweets options for you this Raksha Bandhan. If you plan to try any of these do share it with us. We would love to see.

Natureland Organics is a healthier option to choose as we prepare our food with no added chemicals, pesticides, preservatives or flavors. Eat Natural, Live Healthy.

Wish you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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