Surprising Benefits of Pearl Barley
Surprising Benefits of Pearl Barley

Health is the supreme priority in today’s world as good health includes healthy food, exercise, stress-free life, and sound sleep. Healthy food not only benefits our health but also keeps us euphoric and energetic. Breakfast is the first meal of the day which should be healthy and filled with protein, good fat and carbohydrates, and fiber. Pearl Barley is widely consumed all over the world, in India Barley is known as ‘Jau’ which comes in the top 5 cereal grains after Maize, Rice, and Wheat. Top organic food companies in India says that this grain has surprising advantages such as-

  1. It is filled with soluble and Insoluble fiber content
  2. High in Phytochemicals
  3. Good source of Vitamins and minerals
  4. May impede colon cancer
  5. May protect you from Diabetes and cancer
  6. Aids in losing weight and remits hunger
  7. May impede the risk of gallbladder stone
  8. May lower cholesterol level
  9. Aids in impeding asthma
  10. Augments immunity and taste in food.

Barley can be consumed and purchased in any season, you can buy pearl barley from your nearest store or online, you can buy Organic food in India from Amazon and Flipkart. This grain has profuse aids- high in fiber content and calcium, this grain can be added in any dish, you can add in your soup, stews, also in markets barley flour, flakes, and grits are available possessing equal nutrients. If you looking for high fiber this grain has the highest fiber content- 1 cup of pearl barley has 6grams of fiber and just 193 calories. The benefits of adding pearl barley to my daily diet are-

  • Barley enhances digestion
  • Barley impedes disorder in bones
  • Barley works as a toxic cleaner in your body
  • Barley impedes gallstones in women
  • Barley aids in controlling type-2 diabetes
  • Barley hinders infection in the unitary tract
  • Barley aids in weight loss and remits hunger
  • Barley benefits anemia patients
  • Barley has a high amount of manganese, selenium, phosphorus, and a decent amount of iron.

You can make pudding and cake with barley, instead of Maida (white flour) use barley for higher nutrition and benefits. For breakfast barley soups, porridge, dosa, chilla, pancakes, and bread is the perfect food to start your day. Along with fiber barley has a good amount of protein, it controls weight and lowers high blood pressure. Pearl Barley is cheap and contains profuse nutrients for obtaining a healthy body and lifestyle.

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