Black Salt Vs Regular Salt - Uses and Health Benefits |
Black Salt Vs Regular Salt - Uses and Health Benefits

Abstract: Salt is one of the major ingredients used for various purposes in the kitchen or the household. It is often advised by doctors and even our elders that neither too much salt nor too less of salt is good for our health. We should always be careful with the type of salt we use because not every of it is beneficial to us. 


There are numerous varieties of salt available in the market or online stores, but every salt does not support our health and behold some advantages. Black salt, also known as 'Kala Namak’ in India, is Himalayan in origin and exotic and earthy in flavor. Himalayan salt is unlike any other salt in taste and appearance. Indian black salt is a part of Himalayan pink salt and consists of Sodium chloride with small traces of Sodium Bisulphate, Sodium Sulfate, Iron sulfide, Sodium sulfide, Sodium Bisulphite, and Hydrogen sulfide which is processed organically. Black salt, along with its distinct flavor, has various health benefits too. 


Black salt is beneficial for high blood pressure patients due to its lower sodium content. Whereas the regular salts which are used today are made synthetically with the help of adding preservatives that are not just harmful to health but to skin and hair too. The common salts available in the market are adulterated and high in sodium content. There are so many differences between the two of them which gives us an accurate reason why black salt is the most preferred over regular salt. Few of many are- 

  • Regular table salts are highly processed and the traces of minerals are dead until the time it becomes ready for consumption. Kala Namak is made organically and all the essential nutrients and minerals are retained even after its processing. 
  • Regular salt has a higher sodium content as compared to naturally derived black salt. 
  • Regular salt has anti-caking agents which are harmful to our health, while traditional black salt goes through fewer processing steps and fewer additives. 
  • Himalayan black salt contains more mineral content than regular table salt. It is beneficial for the skin and hair. 

The verdict shows that Black salt is far better than regular table salt and is widely preferred in Indian households and is also good from an Ayurvedic point of view. 


Himalayan salt has been used for decades due to its manifold uses. Black salt is considerably used in various dishes and street foods. It enhances the flavor of food by adding an exotic taste to the food. It has also been used in Ayurvedic medicine and therapeutic sessions. 


  • Treats Acidity- Black salt has Alkaline properties that help to reduce the excess acid which is present in our stomach. 
  • Nurtures Healthy Hair- The essential minerals which are present in Black salt boost hair growth and reduce hair fall. 
  • Aids proper Digestion- Black sat has been used in many Ayurvedic medicines to treat issues related to bowel movements and digestion. 
  • Boosts Blood Circulation -  It acts as a natural blood thinner which keeps blood circulation proper in our body. 
  • Good for Weight loss- Black salt helps in the proper digestion of lipids and enzymes in the body to avoid the accumulation of body fat. 
  • Body Detoxifier- The black salt water empty stomach every morning helps to flush all the toxins from the body.
  • Used to treat Diabetes- Daily consumption of Black salt which is high in sodium content, helps in producing proper insulin and control of blood sugar level. 

There are numerous other uses of organic Black salt like- the treatment of sinusitis, healing of muscle cramps, treating Anemia, etc. It is the most effective and organic kind of salt which is good for the body as it does not include any added preservatives and its nutritional content is intact even after processing. 

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