Why Natureland

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Why NatureLand Organics?

Natureland is not just a brand. It’s a journey of memories and hard work which our forefathers have done. With the humble beginnings as coming from Farmer family. We know what we sow and what our customers need?

Natureland Organic Foods was founded for creating an effective and efficient bridge between Indian marginal farmers and buyers across the world seeking high-quality organic produce. And to execute this we put the the foundation of integrated approach from farmland to consumer’s plates, by making the process as efficient, transparent and fair as possible. Our aim is to excel through quality, consistency, constant innovation; by forecasting customer needs, demands and investing in the best infrastructure possible.

Looking at the problems faced by the farmers, problem of increased cost of Agriculture VS the economical return, problem of not getting the right and proper market place for the organic produce, the increasing pollution, retorted ecological balance, increasing adulteration in food products, and to provide a healthy substitute to all conscious and aware customers at an economical cost, Natureland intervened in year 1999 and added an edge in Northern Region and later in all parts on India in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, we started promoting and spreading the Ancient art of Organic Agriculture as a way of farming, We trained farmers about organic farming and helped them switch to organic farming from conventional , We worked as a connecting link between the organic farmers and the end consumers, we formed a platform in the name of Natureland Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. not only where the organic producers and consumers can meet but also in this effort, We launched an array of organic certified products in fact whole organic kitchen basket available in all leading stores in India and across the world to provide Organic Healthy food at economical rates for the benefit of all.

Quality & Assurance

Quality consciousness is imbibed and inculcated into our processes, systems and operations and every assurance from us is backed by a robust system that monitors and controls quality from end to end; from the choice of seeds best suited to the unique conditions of each farm, to prompt customer service and accurate delivery of every order. Our commitment to quality is backed by substantial investments in high-tech testing equipment and trained Quality Assurance professionals. Our fully-fledged QA team operates a dedicated in-house laboratory to guarantee a full range of potential hazards on physical, chemical and biological parameters including extraneous matter, moisture, bulk density, granulation, E.coli, salmonella, platelet counts, protein content, pesticide, aflatoxins and more. Apart from this we have on board NABL accredited and internationally acclaimed Laboratories i.e. – Europhins, Environocare, Microchem Silliker, TUV, etc through which we get the lab tests done like PR residual test on time to time or on as on when required basis.

Our Standards