A famous quote says- “You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.

Coming from a farmer family the brother duo Ajeet and Arvind believed that they can change agriculture for good and through their continuous efforts they helped in the change.

India as an agriculture-dependent country and farmers being the backbone of the economy, agriculture necessary needs to be a strong sector. But the issues like increased cost of farming, soil health as well as food safety concerns continuously mar the growth of the sector.

Understanding the complications agriculture goes through, the brother duo in the year 2002 soon after their graduation instead of turning to corporate jobs took an interest in Organic farming. They aimed to do something profitable, healthy and futuristic in farming and initiated the action by first performing Organic farming on their land that they later passed to the fellow farmers.

The response they received was so good that the duo started the commercial establishment in 2006.

Furthermore, the company got involved in B2B business and started the seed division for facilitating organic seeds to the farmers.

They never looked back and in the year 2010 they ventured into the Fruits and Vegetable business.

The year 2015 was a breakthrough when the company launched the Retail brand market ( B2C).

Today, the company is growing exponentially. Even having more than 90% repeated customers. The company is currently working with more than 10,000+ farmers, covering more than 35000 acres of farms and serving through 10,000+ retail counters.

They are completing the farm to fork concept.
The company performs exports in its brand and also does private labelling for domestic and export companies.

Natureland Organics is working continuously towards Healthy Food & Environment.


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