Our Farmers are not only producers for us but are like our families and our Backend Team members are in touch with them on day to basis. Natureland carries out regular Training and Certification Programme. Our Field staff transfers the technology know how of Organic Farming, its steps and further analyse the fields, soil, climate and suggest them the best crops, seeds and inputs as per the ecological assessment. Farmer Training and their assessment is necessary to encourage organic farming practices, increase farm yields and give them an environment where our farmers are empowered and their socio economic status is uplifted. The process of converting a conventional farm to a certified organic is a three-year process. During this time, Natureland trains the farmers in organic farming techniques and assists them in selling the interim crops in conventional markets.

Natureland has another division which is known as Agrilife Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is an online portal, call centre and farmer engage platform, which helps farmers with all the agriculture and farming related information at tip of their fingers free of cost and not only this further this organization delivers last mile deliveries of bio inputs, organic fertilisers, rental services on agriculutre tool and implements etc. We want our farmers to take an informed decision and go for Organic Farming rather than just following whats trending.

Organic is good for health

Crop rotation for farms

Ecological balance