How Red Rice is good for your Health

Rice is the most consumed food in India from ages, 90% of the rice production is in Asia, and where people tend to eat it more than wheat. Those following diet or have high BP, and diabetes alternates them with brown rice. But now the time has changed that people only chose brown rice as a healthy alternative because Red Rice to possesses the equal qualities that amplify taste and colour to your diet benefiting your health and taste like delicious earthy. Red Rice is cultivated all over the world, along with Kerala in India. You can buy Organic food in India like Red Rice from Natureland Organics.

It get its red colour from its anthocyanins content, and one cup of Red Rice contains 405 Kal calories which are why it is the best alternative for healthy eating. The major nutrition Red Rice carry are – carbohydrates, iron, zinc, potassium, and protein. Also Red Rice is unpolished which possess higher nutritional value than white rice and other polished rice.  It has a nutty flavour and takes more time to cook than white rice. It is also supreme in Vitamin B1, B2, rich in fibre content also contains iron and calcium.  As it possesses a lot of nutritional value, it is highly recommended to the one for heart patients and diabetics. Red Rice is even advised by fitness guru because of its highly fibre content which aids in weight loss.

The reasons to switch normal Rice with Red Rice are-

  1. Lowers high cholesterol
  2. May hinder Heart Disease
  3. May lessen blood glucose
  4. It cures Asthma
  5. Lessen the Risk of Obesity

We should choose Organic Red Rice as it pious and free from artificial colour. We can buy Organic food in India online and from stores also. Red rice is zero in fat content which means no weight gain and also suggested by doctors as it is an alternative to medicine as it free from mild-symptoms of high cholesterol. Red rice consumption enhances skin, as it is loaded with high vitamins and iron, and the antioxidants in rice fight free radicals. Red Rice has 10 times more antioxidants than brown rice.  We can make Idli, uttapam, kheer and also can be eaten with meat and beef.

Consuming Red Rice normalize breathing pattern because of its high source of magnesium fights Asthma.  It also robust bone health and regular consumption of this rice solve joint pain.  Regular consumption of Red Rice also cut the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and also tighten the skin also shields our skin from harmful UV rays. So, it’s high time that you switch Red Rice on your Plate rather than others.

How a Pinch of Hing (Asafoetida) benefits your Health

Hing known as Asafoetida is pragmatic from thousands of years to savouring dishes. Hing is a dried sap attained from the roots of Ferula plant. It adds aroma and flavour in any uninteresting food. A pinch of Hing in food not only augments aroma but provides profuse health aids like anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Consuming hing daily remits issues like bloating, gas issue, stomach burn, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and intestinal worms. Hing is handy online and grocery shops at a decent price, but do we know the hing we buy is pious and healthy. These days hing in the market is too little and rest is Maida (white four) which disadvantages health.  Purchasing Organic Hing is boon for your health, adding only a pinch to your food gives great flavour. Organic products manufactures in India  like Natureland Organics delivers you pious and healthy hing to your door.

Hing also ‘Asafoetida’ possess amazing advantages-

  1. Helps in elimination of Gas, digestion, and bloating issue
  2. May aid in lowering blood pressure level
  3. Remits menstrual pain
  4. May remit asthma
  5. May be used as a hair conditioner
  6. May remit acne and enhance your skin health.


Adding hing in your dishes like curries, dal, and in other food items in being eaten from years. Adding hing in hot oil before adding vegetable gives your food a great aroma and flavour. Not only it amplify savoury but also resolve issues like bloating, gas and digestion. When we eat food, and it doesn’t digest, and causes pain in the stomach is gas. We can also mix Hing in water with Himalayan pink salt, and drink it. It will cool your burn and pacify your stomach. Hing also lowers your blood pressure level as it a natural blood thinner compound, packed with Coumarin, a compound which aids in blood flow. If you have Asthma, hing helps you a lot to relieve your respiratory disorder and also calm bronchitis, dry cough as it is loaded anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antibiotic. Consuming dry ginger with Hing and honey also aids in respiration issues. Organic products manufactures in India say that-   Hing also pacifies in menstrual periods, because hing thin the blood which aids in flowing the blood easily without causing pain in the abdomen and back.

We can also apply hing on acne and pimples, as it is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial impedes the growth of acne. Applying Hing with Multani-mitti and rose water aids in the reduction of pimples.  Hing also soothes bites of insects, reduces headache and also enhance your skin beauty.

How Sunflower Oil is good for your Health and Heart?

From ages, oils are being used to cook food and make them dainty. Cooking oils hike taste and textures of your food, consuming oil lubricates the skin, and also encourage in regulating hormones. Oils in your food assist the intestine to imbibe Vitamins like A, D, E, and K and store them in your body fat. One of the best vegetable oil which people use in their kitchen is organic Sunflower oil. This oil is loaded with Vitamin E than any other vegetable oil and healthy Omega-6 fats. Vegetable oil is easily handy in markets both online and offline, but do we know is it immaculate and healthy. Currently, many companies for profit mix palm oil and artificial color, which makes your health worse. Organic Food Manufacturers in India concern the health of people, and are producing pure vegetable oil like sunflower oil made from sunflower seeds, with skilled farmers, and making them available at all corners all world.

Sunflower oil which is a vegetable oil is free from cholesterol also plant-based oil. This golden, light and healthy oil is low in saturated fats also a good source of mono and polyunsaturated fat. Being rich in Vitamins A and E, these vitamins act as an antioxidant and promotes healthy skin with luster and fades acne. This oil acts as a natural moisturizer aiding in recovering sensitive and dry skin. We can also use other oils in our food like Mustard oil, Olive oil, and Groundnut oil. We can mix other oil too in our food to make them healthy and dainty.

Sunflower oil is loaded with 80% of monounsaturated fats which keeps our heart healthy and control cholesterol level. The unsaturated fats in oil energize your body and are energy booster, aids in discharging glycogen into the bloodstream from the liver. Glycogen is a type of sugar that energizes your body freeing you from lethargy. Organic Food Manufacturers in India says healthy cooking oils are rich in monounsaturated fats which relieves constipation and improves digestion. Sunflower oil is extremely light and healthy easy to digest in your digestive tract. They also give you healthy and shiny hairs,  loaded with gamma alpha linolenic aid (GLA) impeding hair loss, also can be massaged once a week. Sunflower oil not only keeps your heart, skin, hair, and digestive system healthy but is an immunity booster too. The oil is loaded with protein and augment the body’s potential and fight infection. It repairs the tissues and profuse enzymes needed for healthy functioning.

How Dry Fruits are helpful for Building Immunity

Immunity plays an important role in our body; protecting them from alien virus and bacteria. Our immunity is a defensive system against illness and infection, but it can only defence if we have a robust immune system. The immune system can only be robust if we eat healthily, exercise daily, cut down alcohol, and remit our stress level. Healthy foods which are vital to augment our immunity are- turmeric, pulses, dry fruits, honey, and black pepper. Foods which augment our immunity should be pious and free from artificial colour and preservatives. Organic food brands in India like Natureland Organics produces pure products and is grown by natural fertilizer and manure which means Organic foods have more nutrition than other conventional products.

Dry fruits are one of the nutritional foods which aid in supplying a high amount of antioxidants to our body and enhance the intakes of fibre and nutrition. Dry fruits are best to quench your craving if you running out of time, and following a healthy diet. The healthy nuts are almonds, cashew and walnuts. These are fresh fruits which are dried later by dehydrating through conventional sundry. The healthy fruit becomes energy-bombs loaded with high nutrition when the water in them is squeezed.  Consuming a handful of dry fruits in the morning strengthens your brain, digestion and eye health.

 Many Organic food brands in India acquaint people to consume pious foods to lead a healthy lifestyle. Dry fruits aids in-

  1. Immunity booster
  2. Aids in Digestion
  3. Aids in Weight loss
  4. Pacify constipation
  5. Aid Combat cancer

Eating a handful of soaked almonds augment concentration and pacify digestion. Almonds and cashew fight cancer cells and also restrict breast cancer. Dry fruits wonder on your skin keeping it healthy and free from ageing. They are less in sugar and higher in nutrition which aids in weight loss and munching them also controls hunger pangs. Dry fruits are loaded with profuse nutrition – Vitamin B, Minerals like copper and phosphorus which aids in enhancing the regeneration of new blood cells and haemoglobin in the body. These healthy nuts also augment energy and build stamina.

Raisins play a vital role in controlling cholesterol level and remitting inflammatory makers in the body. Raisins also lessen systolic blood pressure and improve digestion. Almonds improve eyesight and contain Vitamin E which hinders amplify in cholesterol level and remit the risk of heart attack and strokes. Walnuts are super plant source of Omega -3 which are good fatty acids, promote a healthy gut, manage 2 types of diabetes, and lowers blood pressure also remits inflammation. Dry fruits should be gobbled handful in breakfast or mixed in sweets which are sugar-free.

How a Healthy Diet Insures your Future

The word ‘Health’ signifies the body’s physical, mental, and spiritual condition. Healthy means the one who is at liberty from mental and physical ailments and also symbolizes social well-being. A person can be fit and healthy by following a proper healthy diet viz, Balance diet, regular exercise, and ample mental and physical rest. A healthy or balanced diet embraces a different kind of adequate amounts of nutrition viz, protein, minerals, vitamins. Healthy food is only healthy when it’s pious and chemical-free, and is cultivated with natural fertilizers. These days the stores are almost stacked with chemical and artificial foods, which are hazardous to health and the environment. Conventional foods cause cancer, high cholesterol, and blood pressure which lower your immunity. Currently, Organic food companies in India are ensuring the health of people by providing them pious and chemical-free products.

Healthy eating is all about choosing the right food for your body. Healthy consuming helps in improving your sleep, focus, and concentration enhances your gut, and is a way to a joyful life. The one who follows a balanced diet possesses robust bones and muscles, has a healthy weight and they feel good and confident about themselves. The one who possesses a healthy body follows a strict diet plan, daily 30 minutes workout, 8 hours of sleep and free from a stressful life.

A healthy diet is all about portioning your food on the plate in the right amount of each meal. A lunch or dinner meal should be filled at least 4 to 5 oz.of proteins, 1-2 cups of vegetables, ½ cup or 1 serving of a complex carb, and a serving of healthy fats. Healthy eating is all about consuming wide variety of foods in right amount to fulfil what your body needs.  The insurance of your future is dependent on how you choose your food daily. Daily eat at least 4 to 5 array of vegetables and food, eat more fiber and whole grain with less added sugar and oil, eat less red and processed meat and more beans and pulses, and opt lower fat and low sugar for your meal. Limit the intakes of juices, and eat fruits as it enhances your digestion and drinks 3 to 4 liter of water, also sugar-free coffee and tea.

A person who follows a diet is free from high cholesterol, 2 types of diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Organic food companies in India is spreading awareness about why should eat healthily and follow a healthy diet with pure food which is free from artificial coloring and preservatives. A healthy meal is sustainable food for your body, family, and future.

Benefits of having Flax Seeds daily

Flax seeds or ‘Alsi’ are also called ‘Functional food’ as it boosts the health of your body, and used as Ayurvedic medicine from thousands of years. This seed is brown in colour has a hard crunchy covering, and it also comes in golden colour. Flax seeds are high and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are best for vegans because we find the highest omega in salmon, but the one who doesn’t eat non-vegetarian, flax seeds is the best source. Having Flax seeds in your grocery list is must, but it should be pure. Now a day’s flax seeds in the market are synthetic as they add preservatives and colour to the product which are conventional and hazardous for health. People these days tend towards Organic food it is free from any artificial colour and is cultivated, under-skilled farmers. You can buy Organic food online India from Natureland Organics at a reasonable price.

Flax seeds can be eaten raw or roasted in soups, smoothies, pasta or mix in chappatis, grinding them will help your body to digest easily. It is in the list of the ‘Superfoods’ because of its properties, and nutrition. These tiny seeds are loaded with enough fibre which aids in weight loss and improving digestion. Omega-3 is must for every human, it lower the risk of instant cardiac arrest, lessen blood pressure, remits the chances of heart attack and works as anti-ageing for your skin. Having flax seeds daily, lower cholesterol level and is good- source of plant-based protein. It is been studied that it also lowers the risk of cancer and may cure diabetics too.

Purchasing Organic food online India is now too easy, you can order flax seeds online sitting on your couch, and receiving on your doorstep. It is important to know how much quantity should be added to your food, and quantity should be consumed in a day. 1teaspoon of ground flax seeds is loaded with protein, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. People going through constipation and digestion problem should eat flax seeds daily as it contains enough fibre to cure both. The one who are vegans or cutting back on meat, flax seeds are better alternative protein.  It also remits the craving again and again and keeps your stomach full for a longer period, and this leads to weight loss.

Having flax seeds in breakfast or lunch is better than at dinner. You can add flax seeds in your muffins, soup, vegetable, using it to thick your soup and smoothies. Flax seeds can be added in water as an egg substitute. You can even add it your cookies and cake.

How to Increase Immunity with Organic Food

The capability in a living entity to fight and resist any particular toxic or infection by the action of stimulating white blood cells in our body is called immunity. The function of our immunity system is to protect our body from alien viruses and bacteria.  Without our immunity we will fall ill constantly, so for robust immune system we should have healthy intakes. Our immune system components are skin, mucus, gut and lymph system. It’s crucial to keep our immunity strong or else we can’t live a healthy life, and for this healthy food, regular exercise, lower stress level, and cut down of alcohol are vital. There are profuse products in market which promises to robust our immunity but truly, none of them are pure. It is made by artificial colours and preservatives which is hazardous for health. People are now opting for Organic products, especially Certified Organic products because they are free from chemicals, and man-made fertilizers also are tested.  We can now buy organic products online India  from Natureland Organics.  The foods which amplifies our immunity are –

  1. Black Peppers
  2. Turmeric
  3. Amla juice
  4. Jaggery
  5. Raisins

Vitamins A, B6, C, and E can aid enhancing the strength of our immune system. Vitamin C is the supreme origin of immunity such as Oranges, strawberries, and spinach.

Black pepper is known as king of spice because its loaded with profuse aids, having grinded or whole black pepper daily, keeps your body warm which leads to sweating, which helps in flushing the toxins from body. The sharp, penetrating savour helps in losing weight and impedes constipation. It acts as a cleanser for our intestine and stomach. It is best for curing cough and cold f you mix it with ginger and honey by making ‘kada’.

Turmeric is used from thousands of years as medicine for curing wounds and enhancing skin beauty. This yellow colour spice is magical and is used by our grandmother to make curry and healthy vegetables. This food colouring is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, you can also drink turmeric tea with ginger as it cures cough and cold and helps in lustring your skin. It also improves digestion and memory and also remits heart diseases and symptoms of depression.

Amla juice Amla also is known as Indian gooseberry is the most potential drink for augmenting your immune system and helps in improving your hairs and skin. Amla juice is made from Amla which is loaded with vitamin-c and aids in curing cough and cold. This juice is a cleanser for your body as it flushes out all the toxic from your liver and enhances the digestive system.

Jaggery also known as ‘gur’ is consumed since time immemorial. This natural sweetener is in dark yellow colour and hard gummy look has various health aids as it detoxes our body, helping to flush out all that nasty toxins from our liver. This sweet substance is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium, as they anticipate free radicals and amplify the count of haemoglobin in the blood.

Raisins are made by sun drying many different types of grapes.  Raisins amplify immunity and are loaded with fibre, and rich in Vitamins and minerals. We use raisins as dry fruit, and use it in sweets, Indian dishes such as kheer and vermicelli. The sugar in raisins is good source of carbohydrates and is loaded with calcium, iron, copper and zinc.

5 High Protein Rich Vegetarian Food

For enduring a healthy lifestyle, a person should bring minor changes in their daily routine viz,-a balanced diet, physical activity (at least 30 min of Exercise or cycling), sound sleep, inner joviality, and having 4 litres of water in a day. For a fit and healthy body, eating well is more vital than a workout. A person can be healthy by having all the vital Vitamins, minerals, protein, and calcium. Currently, in the market, we are seeing how conventional food is damaging our health and environment. So having Organic products daily will fortify your health and nature. The best organic product in India is also protein foods which help in building your body and making enzymes and hormones.  According to RDA, a human body needs protein; same as their weight, i.e., the consumption of protein should be 0.8grams per kilogram of body weight.

We find protein in meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. But the one who is vegans won’t be able to eat non-vegetarian protein. We even find protein in pulses and other foods which are best for vegans. They are:-

  1. Soybean
  2. Milk
  3. Dal
  4. Kidney beans (rajma)
  5. Quinoa


Soybean is high protein-rich for vegetarians, supreme in fiber, and lactose-free. Consuming soybean daily might help in soothing the symptoms of menopause. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids and also possesses a good amount of carbs and fat. It is a good source of antioxidants and also low in saturated fat.


Milk is being consumed from thousands of years by all ages. Milk is a whole food; it has all the nutrition alone. Having milk daily, robust your bone health, and also gives you the energy a human body needs. Milk keeps our teeth and joints strong because it possesses calcium. Consuming milk also losses your weight. We get milk from cows, buffalo, and goats. It is tested; cow’s milk is the best milk from all.

Dal also known as pulses is loaded with high protein and fiber which aids to keeps you healthy and fuller for a longer period.  Natureland Organic daal is loaded with iron, zinc, and folate. Arhar dal, Moong dal, and chana dal, these three dals are the most consumed ones by all. Dal is best for building muscles, controlling weight, and best for hairs and hunger pangs.

Kidney beans (Rajma) are brilliant plant-based sources of protein. Kidney beans are soaked the whole night to soften and these are also one of the best Organic product of India. Rajma is best for weight loss and also improves skin health, and promotes skin health. It tries to modest blood sugar level and loaded with profuse vitamins, minerals, fiber, and anti-oxidant.

Quinoa is the next healthy product we can opt for, as is the most approved health food in the world. It is high in protein content, a good source of potassium needed for muscle building, and good substitute instead of rice and other high carbohydrates. It is the best option for diabetes as its low –protein grain and maintains regular heartbeat. Natureland Organic Quinoa gluten-free and high in magnesium, iron, calcium, and various anti-oxidants.

Advantages of Buying Organic Products Online

Exchange of goods has been an ongoing process for decades, it has increased manifold and is reaching unimaginable horizons. People first used to purchase products only by going into stores, but, in these years after the prelude of the internet, online shopping has reached other levels. People now prefer more buying products online, because it is convenient and free from jostle.  Online shopping has even helped remote areas and the people there because some products are not available in the stores. You can purchase groceries and even perishable goods online, and these are fresh and pious. Now you can even buy Organic food Online India, sitting on your sofa or traveling to another place, by just one click, and the products are at your doorsteps.

Online shopping has numerous benefits, through this service many people also got employed viz; the delivery man, back-office employees, and drivers. Online shopping also amplified the exports, which aided the Indian economy. Merits of online shopping are:-

  1. Finer Price
  2. More variety
  3. Convenient
  4. Better offers
  5. More discount
  6. Ease of payment
  7. Easy price comparison
  8. Time-saving


When you buy Organic food Online India, you can filter the price and products according to your preference.  Shopping online is best when you buy international products like books, clothes, and electronics. You can order your products even at midnight with better discounts. Online shopping also gives you a better price, the products are displayed bought from manufactures to the online store, excluding middlemen; also online shopping gives you the advantage to shop 24*7. The boon of online shopping is, it ‘saves time’; because we don’t have to go to the conventional shop and select the products. The online store also gives you a better offer to shop your favorite cloth or electronics at a reasonable price.


Ease of payment is also an advantage in online shopping; you can simply pay through bank or cash in delivery and can even return products if they are not proper. If you want to send gifts to your loved ones, you can send it through online shopping, asking their choice, or sending it as a gift.  In online shopping, you can shop the best brands by checking rates too, brands with the highest rates, and better service.


The merit of online shopping is also you can help people far away in other states or countries, where calamity occurs; contributing some money or clothes and even food or other products can give them enough relief and happiness.  Online shopping is also best for elder people who can’t stroll to shops and ones who are physically challenged.

Organic Food For ‘New India’

These years, health and financial stability is a prime concern. The people of India are now more concerned about physical and mental health and economic growth.  Currently, People are approaching to healthy lifestyle viz; yoga for inner tranquillity, foods rich in nutrition and consuming pure foods rather than chemical-based also aloof from negativity. All these can be attained by good food habits, switching to organic food rather than the conventional ones. Organic foods contain null chemicals, providing you full nutrition and purity. Presently, India has seen an increment in demand and production of organic farming and products. Top certified organic brands in India also export their products to other countries and are helping young youth of India, by providing employment and future security.

Organic farming has changed India’s present and future, transforming it to “New India”. According to Natureland Organics research, “India has produced around 2.67 million tonnes of certified organic products in 2018-19. The production has extended its limit from edible sector to organic fiber and functional food products”. Currently, Organic foods are certified through the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP) of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the commerce ministry and the participatory guarantee system for India of the Agricultural ministry.

Organic foods are cultivated by skilled farmers using natural fertilizers (cow dung and manure) and it doesn’t harm our ecosystem and protect animals and fauna. Farmers are also learning new ways and techniques to cultivate organic food and how to retail their products to other suppliers and companies. Now E-Commerce and digital literacy has also helped organic farmers and certified organic brands in India to retail their products online and to other countries.

According to APEDA, the demands seen in the organic foods category are oil seeds, tea, spices, dry fruits, and sugar. Even demand is seen in exports of organic food, to different countries like Israel, Mexico, and Vietnam, and the biggest buyers are Canada and the USA.

We have seen how organic farming and agriculture changed India’s face and secure the future and our environment. People are now shunning artificial foods and opting for organic for their healthy tomorrow and for their children. In India, Sikkim is the state who achieved the outstanding eminence of transforming its cultivation into fully organic in 2016.

This is how organic farming gave India a new face and better tomorrow for a healthy lifestyle and financial stability. Organic companies and the government of India are helping small farmers to earn their livelihood and expanding farming all over India. Organic food companies also aided small retailers to open shop in rural and urban areas to be financially stable and spread awareness for organic foods.