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Celebrate this Holi with Chemical Free Colours and Food



Holi the festival of colours which is extoled with joviality, togetherness, and love, the Red faces, pink hands, and colourful cheeks holi is loved and played by all age. Along with coloured water, water guns, and balloons, mouth-watering foods like Gujiya, pakori, thandai, and kachori sabzi are also enjoyed in holi. Holi should be played using chemical-free colour because in market many colours have harmful toxins which harm our skin. Along with chemical-free colours the foods which are delicious should be healthy too. Many Certified Organic brands in India recommend people to eat pure food free from preservatives and chemicals because foods with chemicals and preservatives harm your nervous system and digestion. This holi go healthy and organic as pure food augments your immunity and enhances digestion. In Holi along with playing colours, delicious foods like gujiya and thandai are also enjoyed by everyone.

Foods are prepared one day before holi, Gujiya which is made from maida and aata( wheat) is filled with coconut, sugar, dry fruits and khoya. The main food prepared in holi is Gujiya and thandai. Also foods like-

  • Pakori
  • Dahi Vada
  • Malpua
  • Kachori Sabzi
  • Pani Puri
  • Gujiya
  • Thandai
  • Mathari
  • Gulab jamun
  • Dal halwa

Organic Products manufactures in India like Natureland Organics wishes you happy and safe Holi, this holi celebrate with healthy and pure foods.  Natureland Organic advices you to put Mustard or coconut oil on your hairs and body before going to play holi as oil aids in removing the colour easily and keeping your skin healthy. The foods we eat in holi are fried, oily and sweet. In Thandai milk, dry fruits (Almonds, cashew, and pista), sugar, and rose water (syrup) which helps in keeping your body cool and healthy. Kachori which is made from maida( White flour) is stuffed with Arhar daal, spices, and crisp. Dahi Vada is famous in every festival as they are made Urad daal which are fried and is eaten with curd and tomato chutney. Kachori sabzi is common item prepared in every house; in holi people make kachori sabzi with pakori and thanadai. Kachori is made from wheat and sabzi is made of potato and pumpkin tossed with fried tomato and spices.

Holi is the festival of togetherness as in this festival every caste, creed, and age play holi with love and togetherness. It is the festival of colours and mouth-watering food celebrate in every house and even in every corner of world.

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