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Types of Dalia and How they benefit your health



Dalia also known as Porridge is made from broken wheat which is consumed from ages. It is loaded with profuse nutrition and benefits, high in fiber and manganese. It is ideal for weight loss and people suffering from diabetes because Dalia contains complex carbohydrates and lower in glycaemic index which ensures normal release of glucose which maintains sugar in blood. Dalia aids in cleansing intestine and enhances digestion which leads to weight loss and impedes constipation. Dalia with milk amplifies muscle mass and maintains cholesterol level, Organic food producers in India  says that you can also make dalia with vegies which is ideal for breakfast and palatable too. The benefits of eating daily are-

  1. Supreme in fiber and protein
  2. Impedes breast cancer
  3. Easily digestible and cook
  4. Pacify constipation
  5. Perfect for diabetic person
  6. Good source of minerals
  7. Controls hunger pangs
  8. Ideal for growing children
  9. Loaded with vitamins and minerals
  10. Keeps your heart healthy

Dalia has profuse benefits and can be eaten daily, lowering cholesterol level and aids in n attaining those six packs. There are types of Dalia like

  • Wheat Dalia
  • Barley Dalia
  • Maize Dalia

Food you eat should be pious and healthy so buying right food is crucial. In recent times food quality has been depreciated so it is important to buy foods free from preservatives, buy organic products online India  from Flipkart, amazon, and Big basket.

 Wheat dalia-it is ideal for all age group enhancing your digestion and keeping you healthy, but wheat and Barley dalia have gluten and many people are allergic to them. Maize dalia is only dalia which is gluten-free.

Barley Dalia- this dalia is made from barley which is a good source of dietary fiber, manganese and high in vitamins and minerals. Barley dalia impedes gallstones, and remits the risk of heart disease, consuming dalia daily leads to weightloss and enhances digestion. Barley dalia is perfect for diabetic person, and the magnesium in dalia controls insulin level.

Maize Dalia- this dalia is gluten-free ideal for people having allergies from gluten, maize dalia is good source of fiber and protein, also provides energy to our body. These are low in fat and calories aiding to lose weight and keeping your gut, you can eat this dalia in your breakfast or at your dinner with milk or veggies. Maize dalia is good source of Vitamin-E and aids in optimal bowel function.

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