What is the difference between Non-GMO and Organic

What is the difference between Non-GMO and Organic?

Today, people are approaching towards healthy lifestyle and wellbeing which means they are seeking more alternatives and clarity in their foods. The rivalry allying non-GMO and Organic is ameliorating as health-conscious consumers are confused which should be opted. Organic products have 95% organic ingredients and are minimally processed whereas Non-GMO foods have not been genetically modified and maybe or not maybe produced using artificial ingredients. Consumers can buy organic food in India online or offline, but picking Non-GMO free and organic products is quite tough.

Organic products that are certified under USDA go through regular inspection and disallow the use of antibiotics, genetically modified products, and artificial pesticides.  Organic products are free from bio-engineering, free from GMO and animals free from intakes of antibiotics or growth hormones, ate only organic food.

Non-GMO products are free from the genetically modified organism and they are field-tested by third-party inspectors. The products which are free from GMOs can be produced using an organic method or non-organic method that can be organic or non-organic.

To buy organic food in India, the organic products should be labeled ‘certified food or brand’ or qualify USDA organic labels, which means it should have 95% of organic ingredients and 5% has to pass the set of national standard made by USDA means foods not produced by any growth hormones emitting the wield of synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge and hasn’t been turning out using ionizing radiation.

The Non-GMO label signifies that the food has not been altered in a lab using genetic modification or engineering techniques. The additives are verified by the Non-GMO Project. The products are tested during processing, and by field checking to ensure the safety and but that doesn’t mean ‘non-GMO’ products should be produced organically. Non-GMO farming might adopt the use of non-organic methods and conventional fertilizers and methods.

There is a thin line between Organic and Non-GMO – organic food manufactures to adopt the utility of natural manure, practice rotating of crops, adding plant waste to the soil. Organic farming is free from GMOs and protects the environment and keeps the soil healthy. Non-GMO eliminates the usage of GMO but it’s still possible for the food to be non-GMO means- which hasn’t been modified, but still not organic. There are chances that maybe it was produced by indulging in the usage of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. Non-GMO foods may or may not be organic but organic foods are free from Non-GMOs and they are pious and natural to use.

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