Organic Food for New India

Organic Food For ‘New India’

These years, health and financial stability is a prime concern. The people of India are now more concerned about physical and mental health and economic growth.  Currently, People are approaching to healthy lifestyle viz; yoga for inner tranquillity, foods rich in nutrition and consuming pure foods rather than chemical-based also aloof from negativity. All these can be attained by good food habits, switching to organic food rather than the conventional ones. Organic foods contain null chemicals, providing you full nutrition and purity. Presently, India has seen an increment in demand and production of organic farming and products. Top certified organic brands in India also export their products to other countries and are helping young youth of India, by providing employment and future security.

Organic farming has changed India’s present and future, transforming it to “New India”. According to Natureland Organics research, “India has produced around 2.67 million tonnes of certified organic products in 2018-19. The production has extended its limit from edible sector to organic fiber and functional food products”. Currently, Organic foods are certified through the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP) of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) under the commerce ministry and the participatory guarantee system for India of the Agricultural ministry.

Organic foods are cultivated by skilled farmers using natural fertilizers (cow dung and manure) and it doesn’t harm our ecosystem and protect animals and fauna. Farmers are also learning new ways and techniques to cultivate organic food and how to retail their products to other suppliers and companies. Now E-Commerce and digital literacy has also helped organic farmers and certified organic brands in India to retail their products online and to other countries.

According to APEDA, the demands seen in the organic foods category are oil seeds, tea, spices, dry fruits, and sugar. Even demand is seen in exports of organic food, to different countries like Israel, Mexico, and Vietnam, and the biggest buyers are Canada and the USA.

We have seen how organic farming and agriculture changed India’s face and secure the future and our environment. People are now shunning artificial foods and opting for organic for their healthy tomorrow and for their children. In India, Sikkim is the state who achieved the outstanding eminence of transforming its cultivation into fully organic in 2016.

This is how organic farming gave India a new face and better tomorrow for a healthy lifestyle and financial stability. Organic companies and the government of India are helping small farmers to earn their livelihood and expanding farming all over India. Organic food companies also aided small retailers to open shop in rural and urban areas to be financially stable and spread awareness for organic foods.  

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