How Red Rice is good for your Health

How Red Rice is good for your Health

Rice is the most consumed food in India from ages, 90% of the rice production is in Asia, and where people tend to eat it more than wheat. Those following diet or have high BP, and diabetes alternates them with brown rice. But now the time has changed that people only chose brown rice as a healthy alternative because Red Rice to possesses the equal qualities that amplify taste and colour to your diet benefiting your health and taste like delicious earthy. Red Rice is cultivated all over the world, along with Kerala in India. You can buy Organic food in India like Red Rice from Natureland Organics.

It get its red colour from its anthocyanins content, and one cup of Red Rice contains 405 Kal calories which are why it is the best alternative for healthy eating. The major nutrition Red Rice carry are – carbohydrates, iron, zinc, potassium, and protein. Also Red Rice is unpolished which possess higher nutritional value than white rice and other polished rice.  It has a nutty flavour and takes more time to cook than white rice. It is also supreme in Vitamin B1, B2, rich in fibre content also contains iron and calcium.  As it possesses a lot of nutritional value, it is highly recommended to the one for heart patients and diabetics. Red Rice is even advised by fitness guru because of its highly fibre content which aids in weight loss.

The reasons to switch normal Rice with Red Rice are-

  1. Lowers high cholesterol
  2. May hinder Heart Disease
  3. May lessen blood glucose
  4. It cures Asthma
  5. Lessen the Risk of Obesity

We should choose Organic Red Rice as it pious and free from artificial colour. We can buy Organic food in India online and from stores also. Red rice is zero in fat content which means no weight gain and also suggested by doctors as it is an alternative to medicine as it free from mild-symptoms of high cholesterol. Red rice consumption enhances skin, as it is loaded with high vitamins and iron, and the antioxidants in rice fight free radicals. Red Rice has 10 times more antioxidants than brown rice.  We can make Idli, uttapam, kheer and also can be eaten with meat and beef.

Consuming Red Rice normalize breathing pattern because of its high source of magnesium fights Asthma.  It also robust bone health and regular consumption of this rice solve joint pain.  Regular consumption of Red Rice also cut the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and also tighten the skin also shields our skin from harmful UV rays. So, it’s high time that you switch Red Rice on your Plate rather than others.

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