How Green Tea works in our body

How Green Tea works in our body

Tea is the most potable beverage from ages, and there are numerous types of tea – Black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, fermented tea, and yellow tea. Green tea is hawked to be one of the healthiest beverages in world. Top 10 Organic food brands in India claims that green tea possesses a catechin called epigallocatechin -3-gallete (EGCG). Catechin in green tea is natural antioxidant, which aids in hindering cell damage and also provides other benefits. Green tea benefits your body when you take care of yourself in other ways like- quit smoking, regular workout, being agile, and gobbling healthy foods.

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which possess profuse aids like- shedding extra weight, enhance brain functioning, remits the risk of heart disease, and shielding against cancer. According to Natureland Organics, consumption of green tea twice a day, aids in keeping blood sugar level stable with diabetics, enhances blood flow, and lower cholesterol. Catechin in tea aids in lowering blood pressure, they help in protecting against the damage a high-fat diet. Benefits of green tea which aids in your day to day life are-

  1. Enhances brain functioning, and activates brain cells
  2. Remits bad breathe
  3. Aids in shedding extra kilos
  4. Protects the brain from aging
  5. Anti-ageing and keep your skin healthy and remits acne
  6. Might hinder from 2 types of diabetes
  7. May hinder cardiovascular disease like- heart stroke
  8. Aids you to live longer
  9. Lowers the risk of chronic disease
  10. Boost your metabolism rate


Sipping green tea twice or thrice a day after breakfast is healthier. In the market, we can buy green tea easily but are they pious. The best tea to buy is Organic because they are free from chemicals and pious. You can buy Organic food Online India from Flipkart, Amazon, and Big Basket.  Green tea will more benefit if potable without honey or sugar. Green tea hinders cancer cells in your body; it also contains a natural chemical called theanine which provides a calming effect.

Green tea should not be added in boiling water because the healthy chemical will burn, and you can add lemon in green tea as lemon contains Vitamin C. For longer healthy life we should start drinking tea from today, thrice a day with little exercise and healthy foods.

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