How Dry fruits are helpful for building immunity

How Dry Fruits are helpful for Building Immunity

Immunity plays an important role in our body; protecting them from alien virus and bacteria. Our immunity is a defensive system against illness and infection, but it can only defence if we have a robust immune system. The immune system can only be robust if we eat healthily, exercise daily, cut down alcohol, and remit our stress level. Healthy foods which are vital to augment our immunity are- turmeric, pulses, dry fruits, honey, and black pepper. Foods which augment our immunity should be pious and free from artificial colour and preservatives. Organic food brands in India like Natureland Organics produces pure products and is grown by natural fertilizer and manure which means Organic foods have more nutrition than other conventional products.

Dry fruits are one of the nutritional foods which aid in supplying a high amount of antioxidants to our body and enhance the intakes of fibre and nutrition. Dry fruits are best to quench your craving if you running out of time, and following a healthy diet. The healthy nuts are almonds, cashew and walnuts. These are fresh fruits which are dried later by dehydrating through conventional sundry. The healthy fruit becomes energy-bombs loaded with high nutrition when the water in them is squeezed.  Consuming a handful of dry fruits in the morning strengthens your brain, digestion and eye health.

 Many Organic food brands in India acquaint people to consume pious foods to lead a healthy lifestyle. Dry fruits aids in-

  1. Immunity booster
  2. Aids in Digestion
  3. Aids in Weight loss
  4. Pacify constipation
  5. Aid Combat cancer

Eating a handful of soaked almonds augment concentration and pacify digestion. Almonds and cashew fight cancer cells and also restrict breast cancer. Dry fruits wonder on your skin keeping it healthy and free from ageing. They are less in sugar and higher in nutrition which aids in weight loss and munching them also controls hunger pangs. Dry fruits are loaded with profuse nutrition – Vitamin B, Minerals like copper and phosphorus which aids in enhancing the regeneration of new blood cells and haemoglobin in the body. These healthy nuts also augment energy and build stamina.

Raisins play a vital role in controlling cholesterol level and remitting inflammatory makers in the body. Raisins also lessen systolic blood pressure and improve digestion. Almonds improve eyesight and contain Vitamin E which hinders amplify in cholesterol level and remit the risk of heart attack and strokes. Walnuts are super plant source of Omega -3 which are good fatty acids, promote a healthy gut, manage 2 types of diabetes, and lowers blood pressure also remits inflammation. Dry fruits should be gobbled handful in breakfast or mixed in sweets which are sugar-free.

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