How Dhanteras can be wealthy and healthy with Organic things

How Dhanteras can be wealthy and healthy with Organic things?

Festivals in India haul joviality carouse our heritage, culture, and traditions, also spending time with our family and loved ones. One of the festivals which hauls ‘New Vibes’ and ‘New beginning’ is ‘Dhanteras’. Dhanteras is collage of two Sanskrit words , dhan- wealth and teras- 13th day,   which means it falls on Tryodashi( thirteenth day) of Krishna paksha of the kartik mass( month).  Dhanteras is celebrated just before Diwali, in this festival people purchase Gold, silver or any metal, majority of people buy gold or silver coin with the image of Goddess Laxmi imprinted on it. Top Organic food companies in India  says that in dhanteras we offer ‘ Boondi Ladoo’ to lord Ganesh. People in India clean their house before dhanteras to worship goddess Laxmi and Ganesh for healthy and wealthy life.

The proverb “Health is wealth” carries a big definition. A person who is healthy, the one who leads a healthy lifestyle- consuming pious and healthy foods (vegetable, legumes and lentils, omega-3 fat, fruits ,and enough water), daily yoga and workout, being active, and stress free life. Health is only Wealth because our body should be free from disease, mental stress, depression, so that we can live a good lifestyle.  Dhanteras the festival where we buy gold or silver and offer it to lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi, this dhanteras buy Organic gold which is immaculate and investment for future. This dhanteras go wealthy and healthy with Organic things (one free from preservatives) like – Organic food, Organic gold, Organic farming and Organic eating.  You can buy Organic food Online India from Flipkart, Amazon and Big Basket.

This dhanteras ditch artificial things and embrace Organic (pious) things and be wealthy and healthy. The chief wealth for us is our health which is our backbone for long life and to this can be robust only by Organic foods which are free from chemical and preservatives. Eating healthy foods which shield you from diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity and flu. It also robust our immunity and insure our healthy future. Organic gold and silver insures your future too, by investing in pious gold and silver can give you big return in future. Organic Gold protects your money because in future gold investment acts as an inflation hedge, means when inflation hikes the value of currency goes down and gold investment will keep your money safe.

Dhanteras is the festival in which we worship Goddess Laxmi, Lord Yamraj, Lord Kuber, and Lord Dhanvantri. After dhanteras, we celebrate Diwali, goverdhan puja, Bhai dhooj and chath. India is a country where people socialize in festivals, meet their friends, relatives and share joyful moments with love ones also prepare dainty food and sweets.

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