Go healthy and Organic this ‘Navaratri’

Go healthy and Organic this “Navaratri”

In India, festivals bring joviality; unify people and enjoying dainty cuisine. The ongoing festival Navaratri is all about Fasting nine (9) days dodging flesh, Wheat grains, Eggs and common salt and legumes, and switching to Satvik food minimizing ingredients in our food. In Vrat( fast) we eat  buckwheat and  water chestnut Flour, foxnut (makhana), dry fruits, Rock salt, sabudana and few spices also ghee. All these ration are handy at store near you or also online, but are these foods pious and healthy. These days, markets are filled with artificial foods and chemically produced. You can buy Organic Food in India as they are produced chemical-free and pious which aids your body getting healthier.

The foods to eat in Vrat( fast) during Navaratri are- Buckwheat, chestnut, peanuts, Sabudana (sago), Samak rice (tadul), Dry fruits, honey, Cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, Cumin seeds, Rock salt, black peppercorn, and fruits. Usually people in fast, eat more food because they eat only one time, that’s too unhealthy like fried pakori of singara aata(water chestnut) or buckwheat( fafar) along with oily vegetables and fried chips.  We gain more calories and weight in fast as we eat more than regular day, so this Navaratri go healthy and Organic. Switch your food from pakori to less oily saudana tikki and roti of buckwheat or waterchestnut along with dry fruits and curd.

Switching your food from Chemical based foods to Organic aids in healthy fast providing nutrients and energy. Organic food brands in India like Natureland Organics produces these pious foods, advantageous for your body and fast. They are even handy online on Flipkart, Amazon and Big basket.  The benefits of these foods are-

  1. Buckwheat Flour– this seed is not at all a grain, and not related to Wheat. It is Gluten-free, rich in minerals and high source of fiber. Consumption of buckwheat flour aids in weight loss and is shield for heart health. It also controls blood- sugar level and supreme in Rutin( plant compound)
  2. Sabudana (sago)– Navaratri fast is incomplete without these white pearls (sabudana), possessing profuse aids. They are rich in a carbohydrate which gives energy body and also relieves constipation. Consumption of sabudana in Navaratri is beneficial as it not only provides energy but also promotes foetus growth in pregnant women and robust bones.
  3. Peanuts– they are high in protein and vitamins thats why they are added in fast in foods like Sabudana, eaten roasted or added in vegetables. They have numerous nutrients and source of fiber and good fat.
  4. Dry fruits and honey– both are healthy and full of nutrition aiding in healthy fast. Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts and raisins are also used in Puja ( love to Gods) providing good fat, fiber, protein and Omega. Honey is high in anti-oxidant and soothe sore throats also calms digestive issues.

Fast in Navaratri are pious and devotes fast 9 days, so fasting healthy and eating food high in nutrients benefits our health and aids in weight loss too.

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