Give your family a Healthy gift this Diwali

Give your family a Healthy gift this Diwali

Diwali the festival of illumination, most prominent festival caroused by Hindu. Diwali festival exemplify spiritual triumph of ‘light over darkness’, ‘good against evil’, and ‘Knowledge over ignorance’. We celebrate Diwali every year with our family and loved ones, and give gifts to share love and happiness. Before Diwali, we clean our house and embellish our house with garland, lights and rangoli. We also gift chocolate and sweets hamper, crackers, personalized gifts, God idols, candles and diyas , and dry fruit hampers. The most healthy gift to give your family and loved ones is Dry fruits like- Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins, Cashew, and pistachio( pista badam) and you can buy Organic Products Online India from Flipkart, Amazon and Big basket.

Give your loved ones healthy gifts to keep them safe, healthy and free from diseases. Dry fruits like Almonds, Pista, raisins will aid their digestion and gut health be robust. In festive we consume fried and junk food which disbalance our hormones and we gain some fat too. Dry fruits aids in controlling our hunger pangs and providing us all the nutrients also many Organic food brands in India acquaint people to consume pious foods to lead a healthy lifestyle. Dry fruits are one of the nutritional foods which aids in supplying high amount of antioxidants to our body, and enhance the intakes of fibre and nutrition. Dry fruits are best to quench your craving if you running out of time, and following a healthy diet. Dry fruits aids in-

  1. Immunity booster
  2. Aids in Digestion
  3. Aids in Weight loss
  4. Pacify constipation
  5. Aid Combat cancer


Almonds and CashewEating handful of soaked almonds augment concentration and pacify digestion. Almonds and cashew fight cancer cells and also restrict breast cancer. Dry fruits wonder on your skin keeping it healthy and free from ageing. They are less in sugar and higher in nutrition which aids in weight loss and munching them also controls hunger pangs. Dry fruits are loaded with profuse nutrition – Vitamin B, Minerals like copper and phosphorus which aids in enhancing the regeneration of new blood cells and haemoglobin in body. These healthy nuts also augment energy and build stamina. Almonds improves eye sight and contain Vitamin E which hinders amplify in cholesterol level and remit the risk of heart attack and strokes.

Raisins and Walnuts- Raisins play a vital role in controlling cholesterol level and remitting inflammatory makers in body. Raisins also lessen systolic blood pressure and improve digestion. Walnuts are super plant source of Omega -3 which are good fatty acids, promote healthy gut, manage 2 type of diabetes, and lowers blood pressure also remits inflammation. Dry fruits should be gobbled handful in breakfast or mixed in sweets which are sugar free. Raisins are made by sun drying many different types of grapes.  Raisins amplify immunity and are loaded with fibre, and rich in Vitamins and minerals. We use raisins as dry fruit, and use it in sweets, Indian dishes such as kheer and vermicelli. The sugar in raisins is good source of carbohydrates and is loaded with calcium, iron, copper and zinc.

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