Chhath Puja_ Break your fast with Healthy Meals

Chhath Puja: Break your fast with Healthy Meals

Chhath puja is largely celebrated in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Bihar; this puja is celebrated for 4 days, chhat puja is also known as Surya shashti, Dala puja and chhath parv, the God Sun Sister ‘Chatthi Maiya’ is worshipped in this festival. This festival is carolled after Diwali and Bhai dooj, in chhath puja ladies fast for 3 days, offers prayer to the rising and setting, and dipping in the holy river ( Ganga). In this festival Prasad is offered to Sun God- like sweets- Thekua, kheer, fruits( sugarcane, banana and sweet lime), and rice ladoo. Organic Products Manufacturers in India  like Natureland Organics says that the meals in chhath puja are sternly vegetarian eliminating common salt, onion, and garlic. Ladies break their fast by eating poori and sabzi , ladoo made of rice, jaggery, fennel seeds( sauf), and ghee is also added in the meal. The fast and preparation of food should be hygienic and clean which is utmost crucial, and also the ladies who fast don’t consume water till they offer Prasad and jal( holy water) to Sun God.

This chhath Puja break your fast with healthy foods eliminating chemical-based foods, and embracing pious and chemical-free foods without any preservatives. Foods prepared in Chhath puja are-

  1. Thekua– this Prasad is the must have sweet in chaath, also called khajuria or thekari, made of Wheat flour, jaggery or sugar, dry fruits, coconut. First the dough is made, and then the shape is given, then deep fried in ghee. They are offered to sun God during Puja in evening.
  2. Puri and Sabzi– for meal, puris are fried in ghee which are made from wheat flour, and sabzi( vegetable cuisine), the chief sabzi are kaddu/lauki ki sabzi ( bottle gourd) and hara chana ( green peas). Certified Organic Brands in India aware people to use pious foods to secure their future and health. This dainty sabzi is made in ghee and is eaten in chaath ka khana. Hara chana or green peas are soaked before night, and in morning is boiled and prepared in ghee. Kaddu ki sabzi and hara chana is enjoyed with fried puri, desserts and sweets.
  3. Rice kheer– this kheer is also called Rasiyaw, it is prepared in milk with jaggery or sugar. First the milk is boiled then the rice is added and is boiled for few minutes then sugar or jaggery is added along with chopped dry fruits. This dessert is offered to Sun God (Surya Devta) in before consuming.

Along with all this delicious food which is offered to Surya Devta before consumption, fruits are also eaten and offered in worship. Fruits like sugarcane (ganna), Sharifa(sugar apple), sweet lime ( dab nimbu), and water chestnut ( singhara).

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