Celebrate Kojagari Laxmi Puja with Organic Foods

Celebrate Kojagari Laxmi puja with Organic Foods

Indian festival is all about celebrating our history, culture and ethics. We spare time from our bustling schedule to spend time with family and friends, and making delicious food. In India festivals like Holi, Eid, Diwali, durga puja, and laxmi puja are carolled grandeur. Kajogari Laxmi puja is one of the festivals celebrated by Bengali Hindu which comes once a year is celebrated on Amavasya (new moon day) of Krishna paksha (dark fortnight). In this Festival people clean their house ,and accessorise them by lights, flowers, and prepare dainty foods and sweets for offering. Top Organic food Companies in India like Natureland Organics helps people to carol their festival with healthy foods for healthy future.

In kajogari Laxmi puja Bengali people cut Non-Vegetarian food and eats Vegetarian such as sweets like Murki(jaggery and puffed rice), Narkel Naru ( roasted coconut mix with jaggery), Luchi ( deep fried flatbread) the most regular food item in almost every Bengali house in Laxmi puja with Dal ( split peas) and fried potato mixed with spices. To prepare food we need pulses, rice, spice and many other foods which are available in store near house or Online. Today’s product is made chemically having preservatives artificial colour which can harm your health and future. To secure healthy future we need pious food free from chemicals, and Organic Foods are the only food which are pious and made by natural Fertilizers. You can buy Organic food in India from Flipkart, Amazon, and Big Basket.

People worship Laxmi Goddesses of Wealth and this festival comes once a year which is celebrated before Diwali. Foods play main role in every festival because they are offered to God for worshipping and food also unites people. To make Murki

300 gm pak’er Gur( soft jaggery made out of Sugarcane)

200gm of khoi (puffed rice)

Method- pour little water in pan then add Jaggery mix it to reach that consistency where it gets sticky, hard and dark in colour and then add puffed rice and mix it and make ladoo ( round balls).

Narkel Naru

300gm grinded coconut

300gm pak’er Gur (Jaggery)

Method- roast coconuts in pan, when it becomes little Brown add jaggery. After few minutes when roasted, pour little ghee on hands and make ladoo ( balls)

Fry potato

Few oval sliced potatoes

Little mustard oil

Turmeric and salt

Method- fry sliced potatoes in mustard oil, after being cooked add little turmeric and salt

Matar Dal (split peas)

1 cup matar dal

Few chopped cauliflower

Cubed panner

Spices (ajwain, kasuri methi, sauf, dhaniya, methi, jeera powder, kali mirch, lal mirch, haldi and salt ) ( Mix all these spices in little water)

Method- with two cups of water and 1 cup of daal boil dal in cooker. In separate pan add mustard oil, roast cauliflower after that roast Paneer. After the daal is made add both the vegetable and spices mixed in water in matar dal, and boil them for 5 minutes.

Festivals bring people and culture together, forgetting pain, hustle bustle routine and stress. We should merry festivals with joviality, pious feelings and good food.

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