Benefits of having Flax Seeds daily

Benefits of having Flax Seeds daily

Flax seeds or ‘Alsi’ are also called ‘Functional food’ as it boosts the health of your body, and used as Ayurvedic medicine from thousands of years. This seed is brown in colour has a hard crunchy covering, and it also comes in golden colour. Flax seeds are high and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are best for vegans because we find the highest omega in salmon, but the one who doesn’t eat non-vegetarian, flax seeds is the best source. Having Flax seeds in your grocery list is must, but it should be pure. Now a day’s flax seeds in the market are synthetic as they add preservatives and colour to the product which are conventional and hazardous for health. People these days tend towards Organic food it is free from any artificial colour and is cultivated, under-skilled farmers. You can buy Organic food online India from Natureland Organics at a reasonable price.

Flax seeds can be eaten raw or roasted in soups, smoothies, pasta or mix in chappatis, grinding them will help your body to digest easily. It is in the list of the ‘Superfoods’ because of its properties, and nutrition. These tiny seeds are loaded with enough fibre which aids in weight loss and improving digestion. Omega-3 is must for every human, it lower the risk of instant cardiac arrest, lessen blood pressure, remits the chances of heart attack and works as anti-ageing for your skin. Having flax seeds daily, lower cholesterol level and is good- source of plant-based protein. It is been studied that it also lowers the risk of cancer and may cure diabetics too.

Purchasing Organic food online India is now too easy, you can order flax seeds online sitting on your couch, and receiving on your doorstep. It is important to know how much quantity should be added to your food, and quantity should be consumed in a day. 1teaspoon of ground flax seeds is loaded with protein, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids also a rich source of vitamins and minerals. People going through constipation and digestion problem should eat flax seeds daily as it contains enough fibre to cure both. The one who are vegans or cutting back on meat, flax seeds are better alternative protein.  It also remits the craving again and again and keeps your stomach full for a longer period, and this leads to weight loss.

Having flax seeds in breakfast or lunch is better than at dinner. You can add flax seeds in your muffins, soup, vegetable, using it to thick your soup and smoothies. Flax seeds can be added in water as an egg substitute. You can even add it your cookies and cake.

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