NatureLand Organics has an awesome journey if we look at. Coming from a farmer family, two brothers Ajeet and Arvind started Natureland Organics in the year 2002. Being rooted and knowing what to sow kept them ahead in the business.

In the year 2005 taking this initiative ahead, they motivated farmers to associate with NatureLand Organics. The response came was so good that in the year 2007 they witnessed the first commercial establishment of the Natureland Organics. This was the year when the company was involved in B2B business and even they started the seed division( seed business) for motivating and facilitating organic seeds to the farmers.

Later the range got varied and in the year 2011 Natureland Organics launched the Fruits and Vegetable section. Furthermore, the year 2015 was a breakthrough when the company launched the Retail brand market( B2C). Today the company is growing exponentially both offline as well as online. Most of the customers are returning customers and NatureLand Organics is trying their best to help the Organic market grow and fill the new age organic requirements.

We are the supplier of premium organic products. The company plans to cater to the new age customers by providing them with a complete range of organic products which would be affordable in price and great at the quality. The company plans to do this by creating direct linkages between producers and end customers. The main features about the organic group are the availability of purely organic products, affordability and the concept of farm to fork live introduced and implemented.

The founders Ajeet and Arvind founded the organization after looking at the myriad of problems that affect the organic farmers. The founders also found problems like increased cost of farming, lack of market linkages available for the organic produce, decreased soil health as well as increased food safety concerns.

Our Mission at NatureLand Organics is to build a robust, sustainable organic produce value chain management, which is commercially viable and ensures the betterment of all the stakeholders, maximizing long term returns on investments by being a leader in the market with a promise of peace, greenery and prosperity for all.

Quality is our keyword. We adhere to stringent quality practices controlling all the parameters at every stage of cultivation, processing and packaging of organic produce.

We are committed to contributing to organic agriculture, excel in farming and production through organic principles, care for the environment through sustainable agriculture developments and provide chemical-free healthy foods to customers.

We believe that Organic is not just growing without chemicals but giving back to mother earth by enriching the soil for future generations and enhancing the biodiversity of the land. We are committed to promoting sustainable livelihoods for small and marginal farmers, follow transparent and fair trade practices with all stakeholders – The Farmers and The Consumers.

Our Corporate Philosophy is working with holistic organic agriculture and production management system, promoting agro-ecosystem health, treating farm as a living entity, reducing the usage of chemical/ synthetic farm inputs instead usage of natural inputs, decreasing the cost of production, conservation of energy and water, minimization of waste & prevention of chemical pollution, delivering pure and genuine quality organic produce to conscious consumers and transforming the socioeconomic status of Producers. Working continuously and putting all our efforts towards Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy Life and Healthy Environment.

At Natureland, it’s all connected. Our methodology begins with our farmers. In our integrated approach, we begin by offering organic certification and training to our farmers. Through our certified sources and under the guidance of our ground level force, we ensure a supply chain of quality organic goods. We pay our farmer partners a premium over market prices and subsequently make agriculture a viable option for them. To make the process of procuring and marketing our goods as efficient, transparent and fair as possible, we have integrated each crucial step into our working business model.


At Natureland Social responsibility is a serious business as we are related to Farmers and Farmer Families its the core of our organization, it was the reason we started and we pledged to contribute to the people and communities around us to bring the lost smiles back on less opurtunate marginal farmers, to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to our communities, country and planet!.



Apart from seeing Organic Food Products we have a very serious business to do!! If we are not making an impact on our society and environment, its not worth!! Natueralnd is committed to protecting the local ecosystem by working closely with farmers to find sustainable ways to grow, harvest and processing organic goods in sustainable ways. Our commitment extends to improving the lives of farmers and communities that we work with, through contributions which empower them. Through our activities and campaigns we’ve been able to make economic, social and environmental contributions