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NatureLand Organics is a food brand that is authentic to their customers in providing only organically grown food items. This prestigious venture has been started by the two agriculturist brothers Ajeet Godara and Arvind Godara in the year 2002 with a dream of working for betterment of the farming community and industry. In the year 2005, the venture started expanding their reach for encouraging and helping farmers in obtaining the methods of organic farming. Seeing their efforts taking the success road, the brothers put their foot down by making a commercial establishment in the year 2007. They started getting more involved in B2B, F&V markets. In the year 2015, they took a bigger step by entering into the B2C market and that is how the venture gained the valued customers across the nation.


Started by two agriculturist brothers Ajeet Godara and Arvind Godara


worked at motivating other farmers towards Organic farming


started their first commercial establishment


Entered B2C market


Our Mission at NatureLand Organics
• Build a strong and sustainable cost producing chain management system.
• Serving only the best quality products by implementing our organic farming practices.
• Enriching the soil for future generations.
• Helping farmers in obtaining a sustainable lifestyle.
• Working efficiently and effortlessly towards providing healthy benefits to nature.


NatureLand Organics has constantly stepped forward in making an impact toward society. These are the major impacts we are trying to make.
• Fulfilling the social responsibility
We are socially responsible and do activities that will help provide economic, social, and environmental benefits to our communities, country, and the planet.
• Bringing out sustainability.
We are committed to protecting the local ecosystem by working closely with farmers to find sustainable ways to grow, harvest, and process organic foods. Our commitment extends to improving the lives of farmers and communities that we work with.


We follow an integrated approach where our farmers are our partners. Our activities begin by offering organic certification and training to our farmers. Through adequate training, we ensure a supply chain of quality organic goods. We pay our farmer partners a premium over market prices and subsequently make agriculture a viable option for them. We deliver pesticide-free food products to the consumers and ensure healthy food for all


Quality consciousness is imbibed and inculcated into our procedures, systems and the operations. We have done investments in high-tech testing equipment and trained Quality Assurance professionals. Apart from this, we have onboarded NABL accredited and internationally acclaimed Laboratories i.e. – Europhins, Environocare, Microchem Silliker, TUV, etc.


Our Farmers are not only producers for us but are like our families and our Backend Team members are therefore continuously in touch with them on a day to basis. We carry out regular Training and Certification Programme. Our Field staff transfers the technology know-how of Organic Farming, its steps and further analyze the fields, soil, climate and suggest them the best crops, seeds and inputs as per the ecological assessment. The process of converting a conventional farm to a certified organic is a three-year process and our assistance helps in that.