Story Behind

Looking at the problems faced by the farmers, problem of increased cost of Agriculture VS the economical return, problem of not getting the right and proper market place for the organic produce, the increasing pollution, retorted ecological balance, increasing adulteration in food products, and to provide a healthy substitute to all conscious and aware customers at an economical cost,  Natureland intervened in year 1999 and added an edge in Northern Region and later in all parts on India in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, we started promoting and spreading the Ancient art of Organic Agriculture as a way of farming,  We trained farmers about organic farming and helped them switch to organic farming from conventional , We worked as a connecting link between the organic farmers and the end consumers, we formed a platform in the name of Natureland Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. not only where the organic producers and consumers can meet but also in this effort, We launched an array of organic certified products in fact whole organic kitchen basket available in all leading stores in India and across the world to provide Organic Healthy food at economical rates for the benefit of all.

Natureland Organic Foods Pvt Ltd. Was incorporated 15 yrs. back in 1999, with a vision ofdelivering the highest quality organic produce to its valued customers in India and across the world, While working on holistic organic agriculture and production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, and soils biological activity, treating farm as a living entity which avoids use of chemical/ synthetic inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, feed additives, decreases the cost of production, relies on crop rotations, crop residues waste, off farm organic waste and animal manures as inputs and encourages bio-diversity, energy and water conservation, minimization of waste & prevention of chemical pollution which is vital to healthy living and for a green planet fit for future. In a nutshell we work with a vision of Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy Life and Healthy Environment.

Our Organization works with a network of certified organic farmers and farms to deliver fresh and seasonal produce. Natureland Organic Agriculture Farms are based on organic philosophy and practice organic farming for the promotion and development of organic food. The entire product development process, right from growing to processing to labeling is certified by an internationally accredited certifying agencies SGS (Switzerland), USOCA, and OneCert. We are also registered with APEDA (Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority) Government of India, as producers and supplier of Organic Food Products. Special impetus is placed on ensuring Purity, Quality, Product Packaging and Labeling is of the highest international standards.

Our Project and Field officers are involved in Constant R & D in the fields, which help the farmers to get quality and quantity production through Crop Rotation, Green Manures, Farm yard manures, Vermi compost, Biological & natural inputs such as herbal growth promoters and highly selective indigenous seeds varieties to suit different agro climatic zones in India.

The company believes that organic farming, which has been, since centuries, the traditional way of farming in India should be followed, promoted and recognized across the world leading to organic way of life, promoting organic farming in rural India. Our belief is Purity, Sanity and Integrity of Food is non negotiable
Apart from Organic Foods Natureland Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd. works in fields of Agri Warehousing, Seeds and KinnowFruits Business. We are also the leading supplier of Kinnow Fruit across India in Brand Name of Sarkar and Kanchan Kinnows.

Our Businesses, Facilities and Products

Nature land has an integrated approach in the Organic food and this starts from Seed Distribution, Farm Level Interventions, Farming, Processing of Commodities and Organic Dairy Unit.