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Designing and Mechanising the Future

K now way is the Shortest Way and The best Way to Accomplish the Task is to do it THE RIGHT AND FAST WAY!! Natureland has been pioneer in Organic Industry in investing in Plant, Machines and Technology for writing a better tomorrow! Wehaveourstateofartoffice in 13 Acres Processing Facility developed in Agro Food Parkbased in Sri Ganganagar with centralized Storage and Processingunit divided in Four Parts – 1.Raw MaterialStorage2. Cleaning and Grading 3. Processing and 4.Retail & Bulk Packingwhere all the products are processed and packed as per international standards and regulations of Organic Standards hygiene. The processing units for Pulses, Wheat Products, Rice,Bakery Items, Dairy Products, Sugar, Honey etc are very clean and hygienic with pleasantworking environment.Natureland processes its entire produce in a SGS certified processing unit which it owns in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. All of our facilities are 100% certified organic. Since the certification process alone requires stringent criteria, all facilities are held with various global organic standard compliances. The facility has implemented food safety management systems including ISO, HACCP,and has been credited with BRC CERTIFICATE – one of the highest in its category. Natureland strictly adheres to a policy of Total Quality Management, and we allow no compromises when it comes to product quality.

Organic Processing

Natureland Procesing Facility in based in Agro Food Park Sri Ganganagar and is dedicated to 100% organic processing. It helps us to provide products of the highest quality in compliance with international standards and customer requirements. Apart from this we also have CO2 Natural Fumigation Systems - Containers and Coccons,which treats and fumigates organic produce in a manner that increases product shelf-life and eliminates any chance of infestation in the produce for over two years, through natural and organic processes

Cleaning and Grading Unit

This unit is used for Cleaning and Grading of all Organic Commodities procured from farmers and clean them to remove dust, chaff, sticks, stones, mud particles, dust other extraneous material which if there in the products while procuring from the farmers from their farm fields.

Flour and Dalia Processing

All flours and Dalia which we sell today is processed in-house from our hitech traditional flouring and dalia cutting units which ensures that only the best reaches out to our buyers and consumers

Spices Processing

Ground Spices and its quality is a question mark in today’s adulterated world of spices as you cant identify what has been powdered to make the spoon of spice you are going to put in your dishes and apart from this spices grinding plays a very important role to impart the tase and aroma the spice will be having, to ensure that its in its purest form unadulterated and untouched our spices processing facility helps us to come true to our aim and meet consumers expectations

Oil Processing

Oils are one of the most adulterated product today, we have seen cases like dropsy disease and others which was mainly due to the argemone oil mixing in aoils, and as a cooking medium Oil is a major component of our cooking. In such a scenarios its our responsibility to make it pure, unadulterated and deliver whats best for you. Thanks to our Wooden, Cold Pressed Oil Expelling Units which process the oils which you like most

Dehusking Unit

Lot of grains, cereals and pulses require their skin to be removed to make them consumable or process them further as a raw ingredient to our organic processed products. We have installed our dehusking unit to ensure that even the smaller and smallest of work is done with full honesty and integrity to ensure that resultant is always the best

Sortex Grading Unit

This unit is used for Color Sortex Cleaning of Grains and Pusles which are sorted based on the color and remove any kind of impurity including the same commodity discoloured grains, this is the highest parameter how any commodity can be cleaned

CO2 Fumigation Unit

Our CO2 Fumigation Containers and Coccons treatand fumigateorganic produce in a manner that increases product shelf-life and eliminates any chance of infestation in the produce for over two years, through natural and organic processes

Retail Packaging Unit

After cleaning, grading and processing of the products we pack almost 150 SKU’s in our retail brand which calls for an integrated Retail Packaging Units, This packing unit is further devided in different segment as per the Packaging Material, Product which need to be Packed, Commodities Form and state as well as its required information Printing and labelling requirements. Natureland has an integrated Retail Packaging unit for Pouch Pakcing, Pet Packing, Glass Bottle Packing, Oil Packaging, Ghee Packaging to Grains, Powdered Flour and Spices Packaging, where we pack our own Brand Products as well as do white labelling/ Private Labelling for 15+ renowned organic brands of India